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Strategies for Embracing Automation

Strategies for Embracing Automation


Constance Hunter, KPMG Chief Economist, argued that implementing automation and digital labor serves as a complement to our workforce, rather than a replacement, and allows for turbocharged big data and more opportunities for innovation.
Still not convinced? Here are 5 ways integrating enhanced automation into your workforce will strengthen your organization (1):

  1. More cost-efficient scaling of back-office IT >> Digital labor can be scaled more quickly than traditional IT – and often can save money on software by residing in the cloud.

  2. Faster clinical trials and drug releases >> Achieve greater efficiency throughout the clinical trial process.

  3. More rapid regulatory compliance >> Digital labor can simplify the complex burden of adapting to new compliance regulations, as the new technologies will have compliance built in.

  4. Increased accuracy in pharmacovigilance >> Automation has the potential to increase accuracy through rulebased automation for data capture, machine learning for adverse event intake, and cognitive learning for the analysis of medical reports, quantitative studies, and quality measurement.

  5. Turbocharging big data >> New automation technology can provide your company with real-time data and analytics across multiple systems.

While automation can open the door to incredible new efficiencies within your company, it can also be the source of significant expense. Once a digital labor strategy is in place, considerations must be made about technology, tools, and facility expansions that may be necessary to operationalize their plans.
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(1). KPMG. (2016). "Intelligent Augmentation"

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